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Consultation Types and Prices

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Natal Chart Consultations:

60-minute personal natal chart consultations are offered at a sliding scale* from $150 – $250 and include a deep dive into the birth chart as well as one transit (such as a Saturn return or Uranus opposition, etc.), or more, as time allows.

90-minute personal natal chart and transit consultations are offered at a sliding scale from $200 – $350. These readings offer more space to go deep, look at more of the client’s natal aspects, and spend time with multiple transits from the past, present, or future.

During the booking process I ask for client information like birth-data and any specific topics that you would like me to cover. Biographical information, prior familiarity with astrology, and any specific dates or time periods that you would like to discuss are also welcome and encouraged. Prior to our consultation, I suggest that new clients read the essay Introduction to Archetypal Astrology by Richard Tarnas, Ph.D., which functions as an overview of the planetary archetypes and will allow us to spend less time explaining and more time exploring the natal chart.

*Sliding scale means that you choose a price within the range indicated that is within your financial ability. My entire practice works on a sliding scale model because it provides the greatest chance of equity and accessibility across diverse and often disparate economic situations. Consultation fees include all of my preparation work prior to our meeting as well as video and audio recordings of the reading (if done using zoom), and a typed personal transit report when applicable.

In addition to the sliding scale I offer a limited number of heavily discounted readings each month in order to increase financial accessibility for those in need. Contact me if you’d like to secure one of these spots.

Continuing Clients and Deep Transit Analysis:

Follow-up readings are offered in 60-minute increments for established clients at a sliding scale rate of $125 – $250/hr. Follow-up readings are a time when the astrologer and client can go deep into past, current, or upcoming transits. We might also use this as an annual time to look at your year ahead or to reflect on the archetypal tones of your life since the last reading.

*This is reading type is not appropriate for relationship/synastry follow-ups. To schedule a follow up appointment for your relationship/synastry reading please contact me directly for rates and availability.

Synastry and Relationships:

90-minute Relationship/Synastry readings are offered at a sliding scale rate of $225 – $375. These readings can be useful in partnerships of all kinds and involve an analysis of the dynamic relationship between two or more charts, including the greater context of world and personal transits, personal and relational histories, obstacles, and goals.

Relationship/Synastry readings are available only when each person has had at least one 60-minute personal natal chart reading with me, or if they are scheduled to receive the personal natal chart readings before the relationship/synastry reading appointment. This requirement ensures equal footing and participation, which are essential to the usefulness of these sessions. All parties must be present for the relationship/synastry reading and intake form process. No exceptions.

Payment plans are available as needed as long as payment is made in full prior to the reading.


All readings are conducted over zoom and will be recorded unless otherwise requested. After the reading I will email a link to download your recording, at which point you have 24 hours to complete the download.

Phone sessions are available in extenuating circumstances but please note that I will no longer be able to provide audio recordings for phone consultations. I apologize for any inconvenience; it just isn’t logistically possible for me anymore. Clients receiving phone consultations are invited to set up a recording device on their end if they would like to revisit their reading.

Gift Certificates:

Gift certificates are available by request within my regular sliding scale price range. However, they come with a strong suggestion that they be gifted only to those who are truly interested in, or open to, getting a reading. It’s no fun for either the astrologer or client when a reading is unwanted, and it’s a waste of your money if a gift certificate isn’t redeemed! My gift certificates have a shelf-life of one year (with a little wiggle room), so plan ahead with that in mind.  Contact me if you have any questions or would like to purchase.

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My hours vary month by month depending on my personal schedule, but I try to make time available on weekends, weekdays, morning, and evening with as much regularity as possible.

I use an online scheduling tool with a detailed intake form in order to make scheduling and payment an easier process for both myself and my clients. Look for the booking link at the top of this page.

I may be  available for appointments outside of my listed days or hours, particularly for clients in far-away timezones, if you contact me directly.

All consultations are offered remotely by phone or Zoom.


For all clients, payment will take place at the time of booking unless otherwise agreed upon via email. Barring alternative arrangements, your appointment will not be considered confirmed until payment is received.

Consultation fees include all of my preparation work prior to our meeting as well as a typed or handwritten personal transit report (which I provide to the client upon request, or when appropriate) and an audio or video (if done via Zoom) recording of the reading.


I offer a limited number of heavily discounted readings each month in order to increase financial accessibility for those in need. Contact me if you’d like to secure one of these spots.

Cancellation Policy

48-hour notice required to reschedule appointments after confirmation.
Cancellations made up to one week before scheduled appointments qualify for a full refund if paid in advance unless alternative arrangements are made.

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