Archetypal Astrology

Consultation Types and Prices

Natal Chart Consultations:

60-minute personal natal chart consultations are offered at a sliding scale from $100 – $200 and include a deep dive into the birth chart as well as one or two transits (such as a Saturn return or Uranus opposition, etc.) as time allows.

90-minute personal natal chart and transit consultations are offered at a sliding scale from $150 – $300. These readings offer more space to go deep, look at more of the client’s natal aspects, and spend time with their transits.

During the booking process I ask for client information like birth-data and any specific topics that you would like me to cover. Biographical information, prior familiarity with astrology, and any specific dates or time periods that you would like to discuss are also welcome and encouraged. Prior to our consultation, I suggest that new clients read the essay Introduction to Archetypal Astrology by Richard Tarnas, Ph.D., which functions as an overview of the planetary archetypes and will allow us to spend less time explaining and more time exploring the natal chart.

Sliding scale means that you choose a price within the range indicated that is within your financial ability. Consultation fees include all of my preparation work prior to our meeting as well as a typed or handwritten personal transit report and an audio or video (if done via Zoom) recording of the reading.

Continuing Clients and Deep Transit Analysis:

Follow-up readings are offered in 60-minute increments for established clients at a sliding scale rate of $80 – $150/hr. Follow-up readings are a time when the astrologer and client can go deep into past, current, or upcoming transits. We might also use this as an annual time to look at your year ahead or to reflect on the archetypal tones of your life since your last reading.

Synastry and Relationships:

If you are interested in a synastry or relationship consultation please contact me. I am still learning this subtle art and will be offering these readings at largely discounted rates to established natal chart clients until further notice. (Please note that a synastry/relationship reading requires both parties to have had a natal chart reading of their own, with me, prior to the joint reading. This requirement is designed to foster greater balance and transparency for all involved in the consultation.)

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My regular office hours are currently limited to Fridays from 12:00 pm to 5:00 pm and Saturdays from 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm (all in the Pacific timezone). I am also available for consultations on select weekday evenings if you contact me directly. I use an online scheduling tool with a detailed intake form in order to make scheduling and payment an easier process for both myself and my clients.

Schedule Appointment

All consultations are offered remotely by phone or Zoom (a small download may be necessary. Zoom is a free service that I have found superior to Skype for this purpose).


For all clients, payment will take place at the time of booking unless otherwise agreed upon via email. Barring alternative arrangements, your appointment will not be considered confirmed until payment is received.

Consultation fees include all of my preparation work prior to our meeting as well as a typed or handwritten personal transit report and an audio or video (if done via Zoom) recording of the reading.


I offer a limited number of heavily discounted/sliding scale readings each month in order to increase financial accessibility for those in need. Contact me if you’d like to secure one of these spots.

Cancellation Policy

48-hour notice required to reschedule appointments after confirmation.
Cancellations made up to one week before scheduled appointments qualify for a full refund if paid in advance unless alternative arrangements are made.


About Me


Lilly Falconer is an archetypal astrologer, integral intersectional feminist, writer, activist, artist, budding regenerative herbalist, former volunteer group facilitator at San Quentin State Prison, program coordinator, and doctoral student of archetypal cosmology at the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco, California. Lilly is a cis, white woman of settler-colonial ancestry raised in Coast Miwok territory (Sonoma Valley, California). Her doctoral focus is on the planetary archetype of Pluto within the modern Western astrological tradition. She writes, works, and offers remote astrological consultations out of her home at the edge of the woods in California’s Bay Area.

Archetypal Astrology & My Reading Style

Astrology is the ancient study of meaning and inextricable relationality between the inner-space of one’s lifetime, fate, fortune, and psychology and the outer-space of the cosmos. Though there are many different lineages to choose from, the one I practice is held broadly within the modern western psychological lineage. Archetypal astrology comes from the work of Richard Tarnas and focuses primarily on the angular and archetypal relationships between the planets at the moment of birth. In addition, the archetypal astrological tradition pays particular attention to the cycles and rhythms of transits to the natal chart throughout the course of one’s life. In this way, looking back might be found to serve the present moment even more than looking forward is  predominantly thought to.

By studying our unique placement within the vast network of meaning-laden space that constitutes the archetypal cosmos we are able to gain a deeper understanding of our internal psychological landscape and feel reflected, affirmed, and lovingly held by a cosmic matrix of meaning. This ultimately loving matrix sometimes pushes us toward more mature versions of ourselves in painful ways. An astrology reading can be a cathartic experience of having difficulty and struggle reflected, affirmed, and held in compassionate space while also lending us language to speak about it in constructive ways and with a transit timeline. Thus, the Saturn Return becomes not just a few grueling years of maturity-testing endurance but an opportunity to meet our own growth, maturity, and emerging elder-self with dignity, integrity, ritual, and patience.

In my readings, I try to facilitate integration by attuning to and affirming client lived-experiences. I want you to know that you are not weak for feeling tired, or bad for feeling crummy, or out-there for feeling dreamy, excited, erratic, or whatever you’re feeling. You are exactly on your path, perhaps right in line with a difficult Pluto or Saturn transit; a dreamy, inspiring, dissolving Neptune transit; or an exhilarating, routine-disturbing Uranus transit. I find that astrology can be deeply reparative by clarifying rather than bypassing our present or past experiences and patterns.

If requested I will present some ideas to how a client might make some slight adjustments, like implementing a small change or a new routine in their lives in order to be more in line with the beneficial aspect of whatever planetary archetypes they might be struggling to integrate or to live in good relationship with. This might be something like looking at a series of dates in the past in order to track and understand larger life patterns correlating to the rhythms of their outer-planet transits, or it might be a suggestion to find time to play, create, connect to their personal spiritual path or tradition, keep a dream journal, consider elderhood, try a sit-spot practice and/or some deep nature connection or something along these lines. Sometimes clients choose to come back for more readings, usually about once per year, to check back in with the planets. I love getting updates about how folks choose to integrate this material so if you feel inspired after the reading, please let me know!

FAQ about Archetypal Astrology

Q: What is an archetype?

A: This is a surprisingly difficult question to answer! The word archetype has its own lineage going back to Plato, skipping forward to Carl Jung in the early 20th century, and then re-visioned by James Hillman in the 1960’s and 70’s. I use the word archetype to describe a vessel of essential qualitative meaning with multivalent and inexhaustible expressions. In the words of Jung, “The archetypes are the imperishable elements of the unconscious, but they change their shape continually.” For example, the Saturn archetype can be described with the keywords: boundaries, maturity, stability, time, solid, elder, endings, containment, limits, harvest, the senex, law, etc. None of these keywords is able to describe the complete fullness of the Saturnian archetype, but may gesture quite effectively and meaningfully toward it in deep and helpful ways.

Q: Do you use the zodiac or houses? Which ones?

A: I use the western tropical zodiac and the whole sign house system. Though I use these systems I still refer mainly to the positions of the planets during consultations. I will refer to house or sign placement only when I feel it adds something important and accessible to myself or my clients. This is partly because of my training within the lineage of archetypal astrology and partly because the angular positions of the planets and the multi-valence of the archetypes that they represent often contain plenty of material to discuss already.

Q: What is your opinion of sidereal astrology/Vedic astrology/Mayan astrology/Hellenistic/other lineage?

A: I love them! I have landed in the lineage I’m in because of my own choices, my own fate, and my own love for the depth with which it speaks to me. This does not make me feel competitive in any way toward any other lineages – I will need many lifetimes to study them all.

Q: Can you tell me what I ate for breakfast based on my chart?

A: I think you know the answer to that already.

Q: Can you tell me whether or not I should marry this person/take or quit this job/buy this house/have another kid based on my chart?

A: I can help you to understand the rhythms and waves of potential archetypal patterns available to you at this time. These waves can be creative, disruptive, blissful, chaotic, despairing, and many other things. The type of astrology I practice is, as Richard Tarnas has said, archetypally predictive rather than concretely predictive; therefore I will not give direct life advice in a yes/no format since those are not the techniques that I have trained in. If you have a clear yes/no question that you absolutely need a yes/no answer for I suggest you look for a skilled horary astrologer or someone well-versed in the traditional Vedic or Hellenistic lineages and willing to take on questions like those. I can make some recommendations if you’d like.

Do you have another question? Email me and I’ll add it to the list.


To learn more about archetypal astrology check out my resources page, or contact me to schedule a consultation.


Resources on Archetypal Cosmology & Astrology

  • Archetypal Explorer is a fantastic resource for learning more about the transformative practice of tracking your own, and the world’s, planetary transits. I cannot recommend this platform highly enough. If you want an awesome online resource for checking into your personal astro weather-report from the archetypal astrological tradition this is it.
  • Cosmos and Psyche, the website of Dr. Richard Tarnas, author of Cosmos and Psyche: Intimations of a New World View, and The Passion of the Western Mind: Understanding the Ideas that have Shaped our World View, as well as co-founder of the Philosophy, Cosmology, and Consciousness program at CIIS.
  • The Philosophy, Cosmology, and Consciousness graduate program at the California Institute of Integral Studies. This is the graduate program that introduced me to archetypal cosmology and where I’m now working on my doctoral degree while also serving as Program Coordinator.
  • Archai: the Journal of Archetypal Cosmology is a fantastic resource for scholarly articles on the unique subject of archetypal cosmology. Archai is available in both print and Kindle formats.
  • There is a seldom considered link between the Tarnas lineage of archetypal astrology and the lineage of Stanislav Grof, MD, PhD, and his life’s work of research into non-ordinary states of consciousness. In his new two-volume book, The Way of the Psychonaut: Encyclopedia for Inner Journeys, Stan Grof asked Richard Tarnas to compose an epilogue detailing the origins of this astrological lineage in line with the research into non-ordinary states at Esalen in the 1970’s. The Way of the Psychonaut is well-worth reading on its own but I also highly recommend Rick Tarnas’ epilogue particularly for those interested in the link between archetypal astrology and its usefulness with therapies involving non-ordinary states of consciousness.


Astrologers I Adore


Becca Tarnas, Ph.D. –

Laura Michetti, Ph.D.c –

Erica Jones, M.A. –

Renn Butler –

Chani Nicholas (I send all my pals who ask about horoscopes to her) –




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