Lilly Falconer, M.A. is an archetypal astrologer, integral intersectional feminist, writer, activist, artist, and doctoral student of archetypal cosmology at the California Institute of Integral Studies. She writes, works, and offers astrological consultations out of her home at the edge of the woods in California’s Bay Area.

About Archetypal Astrology:

Astrology is the ancient study of meaning between the inner-space of one’s lifetime, fate, fortune, and psychology and the outer-space of the cosmos. Though there are many different lineages to choose from, the one I practice is held broadly within the modern western lineage. Archetypal astrology comes from the work of Richard Tarnas and focuses primarily on the archetypal and angular relationships between the planets at the moment of birth; particular attention is paid to the cycles and rhythms of transits to the natal chart throughout the course of one’s life. By studying our unique relationship to the archetypal cosmos we are able to gain a deeper understanding of the internal psychological landscape.

Some common questions about Archetypal Astrology:

Q: What is an archetype?

A: This is a surprisingly difficult question to answer! The word archetype has its own lineage going back to Plato, skipping forward to Carl Jung in the early 20th century, and then re-visioned by James Hillman in the 1960’s and 70’s. I use the word archetype to describe a vessel of essential qualitative meaning with multivalent and inexhaustible expressions. In the words of Jung, “The archetypes are the imperishable elements of the unconscious, but they change their shape continually.” For example, the Saturn archetype can be described with the keywords: boundaries, maturity, stability, time, solid, elder, endings, containment, limits, harvest, the senex, law, etc. None of these keywords is able to describe the complete fullness of the Saturnian archetype, but may gesture quite effectively and meaningfully toward it in deep and helpful ways.

Q: Do you use the zodiac? Which one?

A: I use the western tropical zodiac. I am also currently using the placidus house system in my consultations, though I have been treading into the territory of whole-sign-houses with some curiosity lately. Though I use these systems I still refer mainly to the positions of the planets during consultations. I will refer to house or sign placement only when I feel it adds something important and accessible to myself or my clients. This is partly because of my training within the lineage of archetypal astrology and partly because the angular positions of the planets and the multi-valence of the archetypes that they represent often contain plenty of material to discuss already.

Q: What is your opinion of sidereal astrology/Vedic astrology/Mayan astrology/other lineage?

A: I love them! I am not an expert in any one tradition (who is?!) but I have landed in the lineage I’m in because of my own choices, my own fate, and my own love for the depth with which it speaks to me. This does not make me feel competitive in any way toward any other lineages – I will need many lifetimes to study them all.

Q: Can you tell me what I ate for breakfast based on my chart?

A: I think you know the answer to that already.

Q: Can you tell me whether or not I should marry this person/take or quit this job/buy this house/have another kid based on my chart?

A: I can help you to understand the rhythms and waves of potential archetypal patterns available to you at this time. These waves can be creative, disruptive, blissful, chaotic, despairing, and many other things. I will not give direct life advice in a yes/no format. If you have a clear yes/no question that you absolutely need a yes/no answer for I suggest you look for a skilled horary astrologer or someone well-versed in the traditional Vedic or Hellenistic lineages and willing to take on questions like those. I can make some recommendations if you’d like!

Do you have another question? Email me and I’ll add it to the list.


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