Brief Thoughts on the Pluto Return: February 22, 2022.

I’m thinking about Pluto today. This dear dwarf demon has been my guiding light since I started on the astrological path. Some of you know I’m incubating a larger offering, and in recent years I have been absolutely floored by the wealth of material this archetype has brought into my life through my own biographical digging, personal/relational dynamics, client work, and synchronicities.

Image Credit: NASA
Image description from Nasa website: NASA New Horizons spacecraft captured this high-resolution enhanced color view of Pluto on July 14, 2015. Pluto surface sports a remarkable range of subtle colors, enhanced in this view to a rainbow of pale blues, yellows, oranges, and deep reds.

Today we have the opportunity to observe the first exact conjunction of transiting Pluto returning to the position it held when the founders of the United States signed the Declaration of Independence.

The United States’ Pluto Return. What an opportunity! What a moment to notice, make room for, breathe into and attempt to relax around. If we can find the courage to bear down into whatever is calling to us from below, from the places we normally try to tighten around and control — to bear down and listen — we may hear something like the sound of our own true, deep, wise, and ancient power calling us home. 

A few technical notes to set aside any catastrophic tendencies: outer planet returns are not one-day events. They take place over years, like a rolling, tumbling, restructuring massage. This is the first of three exact conjunctions that will be spread out over the course of this year, but we’ve been feeling Pluto’s signature moves for a few years now and will likely continue to feel them for a few more.

If I’ve learned anything about Pluto in these past few wild and precious – and often terrifying – years it’s that we have an opportunity to understand power in deeper, wider, wilder, and more sustainable ways when we pay attention to what Pluto is asking us to acknowledge. Sometimes the task is simpler though, and Pluto asks us to stop ignoring a basic truth which is that change is the way, dissolution is as inevitable as an exhale, and power is far more interesting (and powerful) when it isn’t held too tightly.

Today we find ourselves in the eye of a great needle; pulled into weaving a pattern that we have little control over other than our own ability to breathe, look, listen, and widen our capacity to understand. The scent on the wind is change, and I am interested in being in it with you.

In pursuit of justice, fairness, equity, inclusion, and wellbeing for all – may we know Pluto in a good way, even when it can be terrifying.

Where is the Knife? Mars Movements in Late 2020 (An Archetypal Perspective)

In preparation for the Astrology University Summit this weekend I thought I’d give a little preview of my lecture, Where is the Knife? Mars Movements in Late 2020.

I had a lot of fun putting this together. And by fun, I mean hours glued to the computer and ephemeris looking up charts, tracking data, paying attention to the news, and thinking about how and what information I wanted to share in my hour of time.

I thought it might be interesting to share a bit of what I came up with for my blog audience as both a preview and introduction to my talk (note: if you haven’t yet you can still go HERE to purchase the All Access pass which gives access to my lecture, three more bonus lectures, and recordings of everything for you to keep).

The first part of my lecture is spent working over Mars as a planetary archetype by itself as well as in the context of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction. While exploring the square of Mars to Saturn-Pluto-Jupiter viewers are guided through the Mars retrograde in Aries culminating in a date I’ve got my eye on, the December Solstice.

Next we hit the difficult territory; possibly the most difficult of the lecture, and certainly some of the most difficult of my lifetime (and too many before mine): systemic racism, white supremacy, and police killings in the USA. We look at a few charts here including the Rodney King assault and riots, the murder of Trayvon Martin and emergence of #BlackLivesMatter, and the recent murders of both Breonna Taylor and George Floyd. In each of these cases we explore some of the themes that Mars, Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter correlate to in terms of activism, resistance, and organization. Why is it that among hundreds – thousands? – of violent white supremacist incidents, only a dozen or so victims have become household names? Why when video evidence of George Floyd’s horrific murder hit the internet were so many white people suddenly invested in ending racism in the US? Mars as the activist/warrior, Saturn as the organizer/general, and Pluto as the power dynamics of oppression, repression, and change might have some clues for us.

Moving on to the climate catastrophe and a larger framework of world emergency we look at charts from Greta Thunberg, Bill McKibben, the recent LNU Lightning Complex wildfires that engulfed the state of California in August, and the horrific explosion at the Port of Beirut in Lebanon. Each of the charts here show some significant alignment between our three key players, Mars, Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter.

Then, the chart I could not ignore, we look at the transit bi-wheel for president Donald Trump on the night of the first presidential debate this past Tuesday. Oof… this one is a doozy. Honestly, I hate to give the Cheeto in Chief any more airtime than he already has, but the Mars-Saturn-Pluto action is just too hot not to handle.

Finally, we wrap it all up with an offering of song by one of my favorite musicians, Lhasa de Sela. Some of my favorite moments in astrology are when I get to slip into archetypally rich artistry and let the experience reveal deeper layers of how these planetary combinations speak through us in our lives, work, and creations. Get your headphones ready, folks, because I somehow found time to play an entire song! Lhasa de Sela’s music can be found on Bandcamp.

I truly do hope you all get time to tune in to this Summit. There are so many amazing lectures that I am hoping to catch, and I am so honored to be a part of this offering as a whole. All Access Passes are still available HERE, so purchase one or sign up for the live event today at the Astrology University Summit website.

Stay sharp, Mars-kin,