Podcast! When Will This Transit End?

Y’all know how pleased I was to be invited to give a talk at the Astrology University summit a few months ago, so when Tony Howard invited me on the Astrology University Podcast to talk even more I was, to put it simple, stoked. I had a great time talking too fast and about way too many things and Tony was kind, clear, and collected as usual. It was a blast.

Working with the theme, When Will This Transit End? our conversation centered around the practice of tracking outer planet transits to natal charts for both clients and ourselves. I share a couple of personal examples of ways I’ve experienced time in a nonordinary way through my personal practice of transit astrology, and I get to use my new favorite term – mystical fascia – to describe a connective tissue of patterned meaning which may reveal itself through this practice over time in our lives, in the arts, and in the world.

CLICK HERE to listen or look for the Astrology University Podcast wherever you like listening to podcasts (iTunes, Spotify, etc.)

Big outer-planet transits can be a long, hard slog sometimes, but hopefully this conversation will shed some light and curiosity into what can otherwise be a tough spot.

Let me know what you think!

Image by Noel Bauza from Pixabay

PS. At one point in the podcast I say Venus-Saturn when I meant to say Saturn-Pluto; it shouldn’t be too hard to tell that’s what I meant, but if I don’t come clean about this I know it might haunt me and my Virgo placements forever 😉

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