The Beginning Place: opening my astrology practice

Welcome friends, family, clients, and collaborators to my new website. This feels like a very big deal. Near the end of last year I set an intention to open my consultation practice to the public. Since then I have been slowly moving toward that goal by beginning to charge a reasonable fee for readings, organizing my home office to host clients, testing my Skype abilities during a trial-run reading with a dear friend in El Salvador, and most importantly making time in my busy schedule to study, write, dream, and speak about archetypal astrology.

As I write this post I am aware that the Sun is at the zenith, nicely warming my little office at the edge of the woods in the Berkeley hills. Jupiter is still working back and forth in the potent t-square to Uranus and Pluto. The tight trine between Saturn and Uranus is potently activating my own natal lunar stellium. Mars is opposing Saturn. And Neptune, squaring the Sun for a few days, is crossing over the descendant horizon.

We can’t pick our transits, but we can always choose how to ride the swells, swirls, waves, and mountain ranges that the universe endlessly and generously conjures.

With this thought I am reminded of one of my favorite songwriters, Bill Callahan, whose song, Riding for the Feeling is a beautiful, melancholic expression of some of the places we go when we’re most in need of the language of astrology: when we’re in so deep that we realize we’ve got to reach out for a thread to follow or else drown in the mystery. As an astrologer it has become my deepest goal to offer a light to the threads and webs of meanings, correlations, waves, and ranges of my clients paths and psyches.

This work is deep, powerful, and a reminder of the generosity and love flaring forth through us as expressions of the archetypal cosmos.

With love, gratitude, and prayers for a blessed journey,

Lilly Falconer, astrologer.





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